Client Selling Secrets Masterclass

Client Selling Secrets Masterclass

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If you want five-figure contracts, you need to know how clients want you to sell to them. Who better to ask than then clients themselves? This masterclass is a discussion between myself and a speaking client of mine. In this discussion, they tell you alllllll the things you need to know about landing a large contract with a college. This is the game right here. 

This session is one of the most valuable classes you can take if you want to land large contracts with colleges! 

This session is a pre-recorded training (originally recorded during a previous Speak Your Way To Cash Live event) where clients of mine sit on a panel with me and discuss many of the things you need to know to sell to colleges. To be clear, this masterclass features the people who write the checks! This panel discussion will answer the questions of: 

  • How to tell whether a college has a large budget for activities or not; 
  • How to set your prices and how clients decided whether they will pay you or not; 
  • Negotiation tips when negotiating your fees with a college; and 
  • So much more! 

Now, if you want to make sure you attend our next Speak Your Way To Cash Live conference, head here: 

Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF with specific directions on how to access your course! You will have a 30-Day License to this masterclass!