Hiring Help At Any Level Masterclass

Hiring Help At Any Level Masterclass

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Are you struggling to hire a team, but you know you needed more help, like yesterday? I got you. I know how that feels.  

I also know how it feels to want to hire, but not feel like I can afford to hire a full-time admin or the other help that I need. 

What if I told you that I was able to hire a full-time assistant before I made my first six-figures by leveraging the international marketplace? It’s true. I don’t care what you make in your business; if it’s generating at least some revenue, you might be able to hire, and I can help show you the way…  

This session is a pre-recorded training (originally recorded during a previous Speak Your Way To Cash Live event) where we discuss: 

  • How to hire internationally; 
  • How to weed out not-so-great candidates; 
  • What platforms you can use to recruit international talent; and 
  • So much more! 

As a bonus to the training, you will also get access to vision organizational chart party that we conducted at the event. You will NOT want to miss these training sessions!! 

Now, if you want to make sure you attend our next Speak Your Way To Cash Live conference, head here: www.speakyourwaytocash.com/event 

Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF with specific directions on how to access your course! You will have a 30-Day License to this masterclass!