Selling Your Signature Speech Masterclass & Hotseat

Selling Your Signature Speech Masterclass & Hotseat

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You know you need a signature speech but crafting one that sells and keeps your audience engaged is critical! In these sessions, you will actually see Ashley Kirkwood help someone craft their signature message and the framework behind it.

More importantly, you will be able to apply the principles taught here to start thinking about your signature message!

This bundle includes a pre-recorded hot seat and training where Ashley crafts a signature speech and gives you the ability to implement those methods!  This training and implementation hot seat will answer the questions of: 

  • What makes up your signature speech?
  • What are the components of a good speech?
  • What your framework should look like; and
  • So much more! 

As a bonus to the training, you will also get access to a session where Ashley walks you through the process of creating your signature speech.

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Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF with specific directions on how to access your course! You will have a 30-Day License to this masterclass!