Speak Your Way To Cash Live 2021 Ticket

Speak Your Way To Cash Live 2021 Ticket

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This is the event of the year for speakers, thought leaders and anyone else who wants to get paid to speak. This will give you one VIP ticket to the event and ensure that you have a welcome box shipped to your door! This is a three-day live coaching experience. 

Learn more about the event and register here: speakyourwaytocash.com/event

Over three days, here's what you will experience:

  • A DREAMER’S DEN - A session where I will literally guide you through an exercise to imagine the life of your dreams! Don’t take this lightly, every major company on the planet started with a dream.  The cool part is, we don't stop at dreaming, we then get into how you can make that dream a reality.


  • THE LANGUAGE LAB - This is one of our most anticipated sessions of the entire experience. During the language lab, I will give you the exact language you need to move sales conversations forward with corporate and collegiate clients. No more sweating on sales calls because you don't know how to handle an objection. No more guessing what to say in order to get to the money part of the conversation. No more pausing or stumbling before you ask for six-figures on a sales call. This session that will teach you how to confidently sell to anyone via a phone conversation. Literally, this is the MILLION DOLLAR PARTY. Because prospecting is THAT powerful. Believe me, you will want to be in the room - virtually or in-person.
  • PRICING PERFECTION - Look, it’s HARD to ask for not only what you think you are worth, but to shoot for the moon and ask for five and six-figures. But you won’t get it unless you ask. During the Pricing Perfection session, I will teach you the methods we use to successfully price out our offers (and yes, these methods worked from day one, before anyone but my husband knew my name). This session will be integral to showing you how to package and price your materials for large corporate contracts. If you have ever struggled with setting your price, “saying” your price, or explaining the value of your price, then this session will CHANGE EVERYTHING for you. Without proper pricing your business can't have explosive profits. Let me help you explode your profits with the perfect pricing methodology.
  • STORYSELLING SECRETSDid you know that 92% of buyers prefer when a brand sells to them utilizing a story? As speakers, you have to know how to tell a good story. It is critical that you fully understand how to relay why you do what you do using storytelling. During this segment of the event, I will show you how to build your brand story and integrate your framework. This is a story that you can utilize in TEDx talks,  sales conversations, and on your website to make sure that everyone who comes across you understands who you are and why you are the obvious choice to help them get to the next level! Corporate representatives want to hear your story! But it needs to be well developed and thought out before you get them on the phone! In the past, not going to lie, this session has caused some waterworks! You might have a story that’s so powerful, but yet to be properly packaged. I’m here for you. Let’s get that story to the masses! 

Now, if you've registered already, complete this process to receive your welcome box! All directions have been sent to you! Complete this process to ensure your box arrives on time and is sent to the right place.  

Questions? Email ashley@ashleynicolekirkwood.com